Step inside and be whisked away to our little country home in the middle of the city. Here at Poco a Poco, we use only the finest local ingredients for you to enjoy.


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Our Mission


Gateau Poco a Poco is an Aomori patisserie and bakery that specializes in cakes and original sweets by Fujisei Horiuchi Co., Ltd, a local company with more than a century of history. Our name, poco a poco, is inspired by the Italian phrase for “Little by little.” We began this small pastry shop with the idea of sharing the best ingredients Aomori has to offer with the world.

Aomori is most famous for being Japan’s apple capital. But it is so much more than that. Many people don’t know that it also produces more black currants, better known in Japanese as cassis, than anywhere else in the country. In recent years, Aomori chestnuts are also gaining attention for their abundance and historical significance in the area, said to have been consumed since the Jomon period. At Poco a Poco we believe it is our mission to make simply delicious sweets using only the best regional ingredients.

So, go ahead. Reward yourself or get something special for a friend knowing that you can enjoy a little taste of Aomori in every bite.




Gateau Poco a Poco is located in central Aomori City next to the Tsutsumi River.



Customers can use free parking available directly behind the building and behind the building next door.


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